The current state of affairs

So, let's begin. As banal as it may be you were probably born with an idea of infinite growth in your mind: humanity facing a bright future of unlimited expansion, so unlimited that we will conquer even the vast intestellar spaces.  Unfortunately, one day you began noticing an odd feeling of uneasiness like if something was going subtly wrong, not only here but almost everywhere. You probably realized we live in a finite world and there are limits to what we can do, actually hard limits which seem to be approaching faster than you thought. You probably realized nobody is going to do anything about it and you are left on your own.  So it is time to do your part while you can, and jump out of the car before it hits the wall.
What are the basic needs you must satisfy every day as a human? Browsing the web, drinking water, driving your car to your job, eating, playing games, cleaning yourself and your place, ensure removal of garbage from your lawn, drink beer, feed your gas guzzler, smoke, heat your house in the winter and and and.

Maybe it is time to review your list and do a reality check.
Out of everything, the basic needs are really only these:
- drinking water
- eating healthy food
- keep yourself and your premises clean
- live in a healthy place

As a matter of fact, the first two are most important in the short span.
It takes quite some time and patience to grow food, and if you suddenly decide to go sustainable you will be long dead before your attempt ad food independence is met by success. Therefore your plot must be already going, right now.

This is the first lesson. After two years of research and trials my plot is still at an experimental stage, think about it. I'm starting only now to learn from my mistakes.

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